Learn to Code with JavaScript

This comprehensive text course is the perfect place to start on your coding journey. You'll learn to program with JavaScript but principles and techniques you'll master will apply to a wide range of languages.

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What you'll learn

Learn to Code with JavaScript will teach you not just JavaScript but how programming languages work.

  • How to make interactive web pages

    Create fun and interactive pages in the browser through a series of fun projects. 

  • How to write programs

    Learn how to collect and process data to build programs and scripts through a range of challenges.

  • How to be a coder

    Understand the programming building blocks that are used in all other programming languages.

How you'll learn

  • 16 Modules

    Each module gives you a comprehensive introduction into a topic in a straight forward and enjoyable way. 

  • 20+ Challenges

    Put your newly learned skills to practice with a range of challenges in each module. 

  • 10,000+ Friends

    Join our community and discord server to ask questions about your course and tech stuff in general.

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Your Instructor: Darren Jones

Darren has enjoyed coding since learning how to program in BASIC on his first Acorn Electron computer. Since then, he’s taught himself Ruby and JavaScript and is the author of JavaScript: Novice to Ninja and Jump Start Sinatra. He was born in the city of Manchester in the UK, where he still lives, and he teaches Mathematics and Computing at a local high school

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Latest Reviews

I am not feeling overwhelmed, and at the same time I am feeling like I am learning a lot in a short span of time. I love that there are actual code examples for everything..code that I can see, edit, play with and learn with by DOING! Great job Darren! Great job Sitepoint!

Jan Mc Kell

Direct and to the point with simple to understand concepts presented in an easy manner.

Michael Oldacre

The Ultimate Text Based Experience

Our text based courses are designed to help you absorb information faster and learn with flexilbity.

  • Interactive Code

    Write and run code directly from our platform. No installation, no debugging, just coding.

  • Learning Tools

    Highlight and bookmark important sections to read later.

  • Share the fun

    Share segments to people that don't have the course to get their help and feedback

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Course Modules

This course contains 16 comprehensive modules with explanations, walkthroughs, challenges, and advice.

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