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"... I joined SitePoint to learn more about web stuff and their PHP/MySQL tutorial was probably the first I used."
Matt Mullenweg
Creator of WordPress, CEO of Automattic

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We create approachable, enjoyable, and informative lessons. Our content and courses have inspired hundreds of thousands of emerging developers to build amazing things.

The SitePoint Library covers:

  • Website Development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • JavaScript Libraries and Frameworks (React, Vue)
  • Backend Languages (Ruby, PHP, Go, C++)
  • Design & Product Management
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We combine the best of all media types in our courses to help you learn how you want to learn.

  • Immersive Content: Text is faster to read and copy, Video is easier to follow, Code pens are easy to interact with. We've got them all.
  • Your Community: Ask questions directly to our community and get help within minutes.
  • Evolved: Speed up learning with helpful features with bookmarks, sharing links, dark mode, text adjustments.

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